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Maximize skill integration through role playing

Research in the fields of neuroscience and psychology has demonstrated that "learning by doing" maximizes the mastery and internalization of behavioral skills. The practice of corporate role play, simulation or real situation re-enactment is indeed invaluable as a tool toward acquiring internalization of such skills. The effectiveness of this approach is a function of the quality of the exercises themselves. Typically, these exercises are carried out without any other resources that the participants themselves. However, bringing into the picture an actor specialized in corporate role play enables you to tap into a trove of added value.




Public speaking


Managerial Communication:

How to manage resistance or inaction?
How to provide your collaborators constructive feedback while keeping them motivated
Related topics: Managing Change, Leadership, Coaching, Team Management, Assertiveness
The Twelve Apostles Hotel & SPA (Cape Town, SA): Managerial Communication (Attendees: Department Heads).

Why an actor?

  • enables the participant to forget that the situation is not real
  • is neither too soft nor too hard but remains faithful to the reactions elicited
  • reacts precisely to the participant's behavior
  • improvises while keeping in mind the teaching goals
  • provides detailed feedback following the exercise

For the other participants, the actor is an outsider, someone with respect to whom they have no preconceived ideas, and someone who is himself neutral. The actor will not sacrifice the realism of the interaction, for example, to accommodate a colleague’s susceptibility. It is this realism that allows the participant to undergo the emotional journey that will facilitate skill internalization. By mirroring the participant, the actor enables him to experience in real time how his behavior impacts the other person. The actor is also a facilitator: he is there to help participants practice and perfect the techniques and principles they have been counseled to adopt. During the debriefing, the actor is able to link the feelings he experienced – be they positive or negative – to specific action or behavior of the participant.

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