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Trade Show Presenter

Why should you use a trade show presenter?

During a professional trade event, a live presentation of your product or service will greatly enhance traffic building for your stand. Rather than entrust your hourly presentation to your best sales person, let him concentrate on what he does best, securing contracts! A professional corporate spokesperson brings charisma and power of persuasion, two core assets that will captivate your audience and win over your prospects. For a fraction of your trade show budget, the services of a professional presenter yield a higher return on investment than more conventional means of communication (large format display, giant screens, etc.)

Why Tony Beck?

  • Tony Beck will deliver your message with such credibility and authenticity that your prospects will automatically assume that he is your top sales person.
  • His acting background provides him with the means to inject feeling and passion to your corporate message.
  • English-French bilingual capability.

The best choice for:

> International events taking place in France...
> European companies attending American trade shows...
> American companies attending International trade shows in Europe...
> European companies attending international trade shows...

For international events taking place in France...

Tony Beck will be able to talk to your French prospects and to your international clientele with French-English bilingual capability. His "International English" makes for easy listening when he speaks to an audience whose mother tongue is not English.

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